Thursday, April 19, 2007

Photo blog

As I mentioned in my previous blog my mom came to visit for a week. We got so lucky with the weather, the whole week was really warm and sunny and NO rain. There's probably just one such week in a whole year and we caught it! So we took advantage of such a miracle and went to whole lot of cool places around the Netherlands and even Belgium. (Chrissie, I loved it there, especially the architecture and amazing shops!)

We visited Antwerpen.

Me and my honey
Me and Klaas, my honey.

Me and my mom
Me and my mom

We went to Keukenhof full of colors and the most amazing tulips and flower carpets.

Silky red

Sea of flowers

Me and tulips

We even have been to the beach it was so warm (by the way it's not us on the sun beds, it was warm but not that warm).


Enjoyed the park ...

Enjoying the weather in the park

... and many more. We enjoyed it a lot! Everything looks prettier in the bright spring sun :)


julia said...

Gorgeous. I'm so jealous of all your flowers. We have a few crocuses just starting to poke their heads thru the ground. No leaves on the trees yet and it's certainly not warm enough to even think about the beach.

Chrissie in Belgium said...


Did yo go into the big cathedral in Antwerp? That is where the sad but great story The Dog of Flanders takes place. Did you see the people that act like statues outside the cathedral on the main square? This is just an idea and maybe it is not possible, but Cas will probably be visiting, and she wanted to see Antwerp, so maybe it couod be fun to all meet there.... It would take some planning. First I have to see if Cass is till coming! Loved the pics. Did you see my Croatia pics? Don't you think the pics are never really as good as the memories?

Sasha said...

Julia, I wish the warm weather will visit you soon as well :)

Chrissie, that's so exiting, I'd love to come and see both of you! What a great idea! I was about to offer you to meet sometimes since we live so close. So please let me know what you'll decide.

And about the pics, you're so right, they just simply can't capture the whole picture and emotions and the mood. Pictures are quite restricted, it's impossible to get everything in the frame.

I'm going to look at your pictures the next thing.

Adriana said...

Hi Sasha,

I'm currently living in Amsterdam, where I study a masters in medical anthropology (at the UvA). I found your blog in google, I hope you don't mind.
I'm doing my thesis about young adult's everyday experiences with diabetes. I would really love to talk to you. Here's my webpage address if you want more info about me and/or the project:
Thanks a lot.
I went to the Keukenhof too; the fields are really nice. :-)

Sasha said...

Hi Adriana,
I don't mind, not at all, I'm glad you found me, I'd love to help. I'm going to send you an email, so you can contact me back.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

OK Sasha - lets work on this! When I know more from Cas I will let you know.

Amylia said...

beautiful photos. You have an eye! Keep fighting. Your visions are precious!

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