Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lost in one of the boxes

It's finally here! Well actually they are finally here! Both a pump AND a sensor!!! Big grin on my face :) I've already lost hope but got the sensor after all. Don't ask me how, it took looots of effort and time. But it is here! Even though it's a bulky old version and not a new cool tiny equivalent, I'm very very happy nonetheless :)

The only question remaining ... Didn't you see a "but" coming? Well, the only question is how to convince my doctor to let me switch to the pump. Can you imagine I actually have to convince them?

They were already convinced but now ... The whole reason for me to switch to the pump is to finally get the grip on my nasty so called "dawn syndrome", which has been driving me nuts for several months now. It's that simple. I tried everything with pens and Lantus, it just doesn't work. But. And it's a big "but". Doctors, those .... doctors are not convinced that that's the only thing that messes my sugars. And why? Just because my iron is on a low side does not mean I'm bleeding internally for the last six months and haven't noticed. They think I am.

So they want to do loooots of investigations to find out where exactly. Cool. Good luck with that. Wait, the funny part is the investigations are, of course, scheduled over the next half a year at least. Don't they think I'll bleed to death by that time? that of course if I'm bleeding in the first place. Well, I'm a bit frustrated about the whole situation. It seems like they don't want to solve the immediate problem of my high sugars but invent things that are not even there. Oh and by the way, my iron has been low since I was a child.

I know I owe everyone a post about the new home and the moving and all, in case anyone is curious, but that will have to come later on. There are still boxes moving and furniture being lifted up. I promise a full update sometime soon. And thank you all who left their congratulations in the comments of the previous post!

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Scott M said...

How frustrating that whole situation sounds! I say it is your body and if you wanna pump... then pump away. Enjoy the new setup and keep working to get your doc on board!