Monday, November 26, 2007

Lows and rainbows

" ... and the award for the best low treatment goes to ... Please welcome the brightest, the fastest, the tastiest and simply the best - Skittles!!!" (applause growing into a standing ovation)

I found THE best (for me) treatment for lows! It answers all my criteria to reach the top of the list of remedies for hypoglycemia:

1. It acts fast!

2. That tiny package, which is point #3, contains almost exactly 15 carbohydrates, which is the amount I usually use to treat a low. So I don't have to measure with the shaking hands how much juice goes into a glass or figure out how many carbohydrates are in a cup of coffee with sugar - my usual treatment for the low at work. And what do I do when the fridge or the coffee machine are nowhere near? That brings me to criteria #3.

3. The package is so tiny, it fits perfectly in any pocket (so excellent to have with me during a walk in the park where I always go low) and almost gets lost in my purse, or even two or three for long days.

4. It tastes good and I don't have to force myself to swallow. Ironically the only time when I must eat (or drink) for my life, nothing goes down my throat. It's an opposite effect really, but I'll spare you the colorful details. But these little colorful life savers go down smoothly and don't make me feel afterwards like I've just ate an elephant.

Besides the obvious reasons, I'm always scared and resentful of lows because of the fact that is so damn difficult to make myself eat or drink something and not feel dreadful afterwards. But not anymore!!!! Thanks to the wonderful little rainbow wonders!

I do realize I've dedicated a whole post to a low treatment, not mentioning a free advertisement for the Skittles, but it is an important topic, at least in my diabetic world.

What are your favourite treatments?


Scott K. Johnson said...

Mmmm - Skittles....

I love Skittles! Sounds like a winner to me!

Zazzy said...

For my purse, I've got honey packets (like ketchup packets). They're small, shouldn't tempt me when I'm not low, and don't taste like orange flavored chalk.

Chris said...

I must agree that Skittles are the best treatment for a low for me also. I blogged about it previously and I think our reasons match up exactly. Aren't they just so perfect..... and so tasty. I just tend to over eat them when I do have them.

Seonaid said...

glucose tablets all the way for me... The watermelon ones are the best, but honestly, when I'm low, I think anything tastes good.

Focus On This! said...

thanks for the tip! I am always looking for something small to keep in my purse. I agree, when you are low it all taste good, but is often hard to get down. I usually go with granola bars and juice.

Naomi said...

I love skittles too! I usually treat my lows with oj..I found these 6oz cans of pineapple oj that dont need to be cold. So I keep them in my purse along with any candy-mostly those melt-fast peppermint candy. Do the skittles work quickly? I feel like death when I am low and feel like if I dnt treat it with somthg quick, I am liable to eat everything in sight until I feel somewhat normal again then pay for it with a SUPER High BS.
It seems as though I desire to eat sweets now then before I was a T1.