Friday, December 21, 2007

Change of Seasons

I was making some pictures of the marvelous white icy trees outside our home window, a present of the Christmasy weather we have been enjoying in the Hague. And then I realized I have some more pictures made earlier this year of the exact same trees. Isn't nature amazing?


Scott said...

Wow, thanks for posting! So far, here in New York City, we do not have any of this holiday ice on the trees, although that really doesn't depress me too much because its pretty to look at, but also means a headache for millions of commuters!

Amylia said...

that is so cool.

My friend just moved to the Hague from Rome. Do you like it there?

It's hot and sunny here in Taiwan, but in 2 days I'll be in freezing cold and snowy/icy Wisconsin! Heaven help me!

Sasha said...

Scott, it's true it makes moving outside a bit tougher, but it is so pretty!

Amylia, I love it in the Hague but may be for your friend it will seem a bit boring after living in Rome. The Netherlands is a very small country after all and the weather here is sure not sunny.

Good luck with the temperature change! I don't think I'd be able to handle it :)

Amber-Bams said...

Those are beautiful photos! I haven't visited in a while. Hope the bloog sugars have been better :)

jj said...

These are just beautiful! I think I like the green the for some green in my parts.

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Tony said...

ah truely dreamy photos...nature is something else :-))

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