Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Could be worse

I was in the range of 13 the whole day yesterday. My b.g. was just in love with that number and refused to move from it more than a point either way. But, of course, just before falling asleep I felt a bit funny, a very little tiny bit (I learned to listen to my body extra carefully over the last month with all the outrageous jumps and falls). I tested just an hour before bed 10.5 – a more than definite secure number before bed to avoid a low at night. It couldn’t have gone too much up but ok, just to calm myself down, a quick test.

Lights on. Sit up. Take the test kit. The cat is awake and checking if I’m testing correctly. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, beep – huh? 3.4 – how did that happen? And a low?

- “How much is it?”
- “3.4”
- “?”
- “But I’ve already brushed my teeth! Grrr …”
- “So what’s now? You have to eat something?”
- “But I don’t want to eat. (another grump)”
- “But you have to. Take some glucose tablets; they are in the bedside table’s draw.”
- “They make me nauseous … I can have juice”

With a big sigh got out of bed, cat following. A trip to the kitchen. Starting to feel the low. Glass. Fridge. Cranberry juice (tastes awful in a combination with “Aquafresh” aftertaste still in my mouth). Sigh. Kitchen lights off. Back to the bedroom, cat running after me (he checks every step I take).

Back in bed I’m greeted by a big hug and a deep sigh (not mine this time).

- “It’s not fair! Now I feel sick and blown up and my heart is racing.”
- “I know. It could be worse.”
- “It could be better.”
- “I know (sigh).”
- “It’s going to be high in the morning.”
- (hug tightened)

Well, it could have been worse. I could have fallen asleep without realizing something was wrong, and then wake up (hopefully) with a much lower number. I’m such a complainer when I’m low.


jill. said...

isn't that the worst? the exact same thing happened to me last week (right down to the cranberry juice and the tightened hug) i'm a low complainer too ;)

Melissa said...

Count me in as a low complianer as well. Drives my husband nuts because there's not much he can do and when I come back to bed I am ice cold and snuggle right up to him. Lows suck

Scott K. Johnson said...

Lows suck. Bottom line.

Glad that you did not just ignore yourself and go to bed anyway - that would not have been any fun.

Kerri. said...

Echoing the sentiments of others - lows are just damn tricky.

That little cat sounds helpful, though. I think she may have The Magic. :)

Kevin said...

I hate it when that happens.

cass said...

having to eat when you don't want to is on the top of the irritating diabetes crap list.