Monday, March 5, 2007

Seven is actually my favourite number

I am out at the moment of things to write or news to report, so here it goes, a meme, a first one for me.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. Be happy (in the middle of that project :) )
2. Write and publish a book (if I ever settle on a subject; there are bits and pieces laying all over the house)
3. Read at least another 1,000 books (I have a huge wish list but what I should actually wish for is time to read them all)
4. Get a dream job (Oh, boy, isn't that a big one)
5. Have a child (or two, depends ... )
6. Travel to Singapore, New Zealand, Japan ... the list goes on and on ...
7. Achieve something in life so I can die peacefully knowing I didn't waste it

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Be one of many in the crowd
2. Live in utopia
3. Pretend
4. Sit still
5. Do nothing
6. Sing
7. Don't care

Seven Things That Attract Me To People In General:
1. Confidence
2. Honesty
3. Good sense of humor
4. Intelligence
5. Loyalty
6. Strengths (mental)
7. Determination

Seven Things I Say:
1. "Honey ... "
2. "Exactly"
3. "I love you"
4. "How many carbs is in that?"
5. "Actually"
6. "I need insulin"
7. "I'm tired" - sadly it's been one of the most used phrases lately

Seven Books That I Love (seriously? just seven?):
1. Almost every book by Haruki Murakami (he's simply a genius; if you can read between the lines, you'll discover 10 books in one at lest)
2. "Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov (every book of his is a masterpiece, but this one I love the most)
3. All by Capote
4. "Love Story" by Segal (makes me laugh and cry every time)
5. "Three Comrades" by Remarque (also "Arch of Triumph" and "Heaven Has No Favourites")
6. "The Forsyte Saga" by Galsworthy
7. "Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters

Seven Movies That I Love (again, seriously? just seven?):
1. "Frida" (she's on my list of most fascinating people dead or alive and the movie is made so nicely)
2. "You Got Mail" (a very feel-good movie)
3. "Love Actually" (one of my most favourite pick-me-up movies)
4. "Holiday" (another Christmassy-feel-good movie)
5. "Bobby" (a really good movie touching many topics of human nature - I like movies that make me think for days)
6. "Babel" (another good movie about human nature and to what an extreme loneliness can push a person)
7. All Harry Potter movies (a child in me)

Seven People To Tag (in no particular order):
Anyone who wants to make "sevens" of things :)


Kerri. said...

Oh, how I do so love the Harry Potter books. And the movies. I'm such a sucker for the stories! :)

Sasha said...

I can't wait for the new movie to come out and what a pitty there is only one new HP book left to look forward to :( I just dive in those books and want them to never end.

cass said...

i love haruki murakami too. very cool.

Anonymous said...

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