Saturday, June 23, 2007

Off the CGM but being groovy :)

And I'm off the CGM. Why? I'm afraid to disappoint you Scott but instead of helping me it was confusing me like crazy. I asked many people for advice and I heard from people who are using it more than once that it's all more about the patterns rather than exact numbers, but still somehow my CGM wasn't even catching the patterns correctly most of the time. I just found myself not trusting it even when it was right. And the funny thing I was actually testing more often with the CGM than without it.

So after careful consideration I took it off this morning, and I have to say, I don't miss it AT ALL. Surprise, surprise. Me who was so eager to test it out gave up on the fourth day of trial. May be I'll try it again in the near future but right now I feel tired just from using it. It was nice to see a graph like this one for instance, but, oh my God, was it a big fat lie! ok, not always but most of the time.

And the patterns, well yes sometimes they do indicate the true situation, but I had times when it said I was going high when in reality I was going low. So as I said, I had difficulties trusting that thing.

On the more positive and fun note, I got totally jealous of Caro (wait, it'll get positive, I promise) of her groovy site look that I ordered some groovy patches as well. I'm loving them!


Caro said...

Glad you got the groovy patches! I'm not so groovy today as I accidentally inserted an old regular length Silhouette at my last set change. I have patches for Quicksets ans short sils, but not the regular ones. So no groovy weekend for me!

As for the CGM, it definitely isn't for everyone. That said I would still recommend giving it another try as it can take quite a while to get used to. And also, the big fat lies are most likely to occur in the first 3 days or so of a new sensor - that's one reason I use mine for two weeks at a time.

Keep groovy!

Sasha said...

Thanks Caro,
I'll definetly try again, the sensors in my fridge are good till September. It's just now I don't have the patience, it's a bit too much. I've just started on the pump so still have to get used to that one first.

I sure love those patches :) I'm the person who likes to decorate everything, and if I can decorate my site, well it's just perfect. The patches make it look less medical.

Dee said...

Hi Sasha, just found your blog and really like it. I'd like to try a CGM but don't think there are any available at my clinic.
I also want some groovy patches but not sure which ones to order for AccuChek flexlinks ;o(

Sasha said...

Hi Dee!
I'm very glad you like my blog.
It surprises and pleases me everytime when someone tells me they are reading and liking it :)

Kerri. said...

The Groovy Patches are super cute. I think they are a terrific summer accessory. :)