Friday, June 22, 2007

Tet-a-tet with CGM

Had 3 lows over the past 10 hours, THREE. over the past TEN hours. Needless to say I'm falling from exhaustion. Oh, and did I mention I'm using an CGM sensor for the last two days that suppose to alarm me if I go high or low? Well, it did, yah, when I was already 2.5 (45) and treating the low.

- "Beeep" reads: "I'm terribly sorry to interrupt but your blood glucose is low", just kidding, "LOW 4.9 (88)"
- "You don't say. Thank you very much, but I'm 2.5 (45) actualy and I've already taken my juice like 10 minutes ago. Where have YOU been?".

In 15 minutes:
- "Beeep" "LOW 4.6 (82)".
- "Well, you know I am indeed 4.6 (82), but that's actually good, that means my sugars are climbing up, the juice is working."

In 10 minutes:
- "Beeep" "LOW 4.8 (86)"
- "Well, just @#$%, will you!"
- "I'll try my best" - just kidding again.


Caro said...

Hi Sasha,

This can definitely be one of the most frustrating things about CGM! It's a nuisance that interstitial fluid glucose levels can lag so much, but that is why "treating the trend" is so important. If I had a system with trend alarms, I'd probably turn the absolute value alarms off!

Btw, I set the low alarm interval to 30 minutes. I'm very alert to my blood sugars for that period after a low anyway, so I don't want to be alerted again!

Scott said...

Thanks for posting this. You are the second person who has mentioned how annoying the alarms can be, especially once you've already taken steps to treat a low (or high). I'm considering a CGM, but am seeking feedback from people who have already tried it for good, and bad feedback on the device. I hope to make an informed decision that way!

Jen said...

I love your blog.
Yes, it is true that the interstitial fluid can be tested in liu of actual blood. and that can be a problem.
I think the CBGM is useful to figure out trends. I have also heard from people who have used it and do not wish to wear it all the time. I would, as a non-diabetic, like to wear one to see what it indicates for me.
I am still fighting the insurance companies for one for my son.
I want it to be an option for him, I want everything to be available to him, isn't that what we all deserve?
Kudos to your blog!