Friday, December 15, 2006

Dear D

Things I hate about you:

  • you have made over 55,000 holes in me
  • you don't allow me to eat what I want
  • you keep me constantly worried
  • you are very demanding
  • but you never say what you really need
  • you interfere with my life
  • you wake me up at night
  • you make my handbag heavy

I have about another 100 of those in my head even without thinking but let's just pretend the list stops there, focus on positive, right?

Things I like about you:

  • you make me take care of myself
  • you don't allow me to eat what I want
  • you make me stronger
  • you make me more self-disciplined
  • you teach me to appreciate things more in life

All in all I wouldn't choose you as a roommate for life, you're not the most easy-going but as long as we stuck on each other, we might as well try to get alone. Besides you teach me a lot and keep me focused.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

I agree on ALL points.

Scott said...

I agree - as long as we're stuck with each other, let's make it work!