Monday, December 18, 2006

Rambling the latest news

It's an official count-down started as of today till Saturday take-off. So many things to arrange and stuff to pack, as well as (we just realised on Sunday) buying kitty stuff, coz as we're coming back with a kitten, we'd better have a catbox and the food in the house for the little cute monster who doesn't have a name yet.

Work is booooring as usual and even more due to soon holidays. Time is stretching as a master yoga guru. But work is nothing, I'm in a good mood and smiling, wearing a new outfit, having the best boyfriend waiting for me at home when I get back and a wonderful 9 days ahead in Moscow with my family and with my boyfriend :) So life is cool so far. I'm doing my best at surviving and relaxing at the same time. Confusing, but I'm getting a hang of it. Only thing - I managed to get a cold after all and had 4 night lows last week, but the spirits are up and calculators drawn, trying to figure out the right dose of evening insulin.

We also saw "The Holiday" in the weekend and liked it a lot, funny-christmasy-feel-good movie.

P.S. - 'we' refers to my boyfriend and me and not to my big ego.

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