Thursday, December 7, 2006

Is there a connection?

I've made an unexpected discovery today. I don't know if it's actually true but it seems so to me, as the pattern was already there and today just proves my theory.

But ok, from the beginning.

I've been very unhappy with my work for a couple of months already, just due to the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do there and it's just the whole day of boredom, which is the thing I hate the most, as well as waisting time and sitting around not doing anything. All combined going to work has been a torture every day. I already dread it in the evening when I have to go to bed. Well, I've been aggressively looking for a new job but no luck yet.

So that's the scene of the crime. The crime itself is that my blood glucose has been stubbornly staying in the neighbourhood of 11 for quite a time during the week, but and there's a bit but coming, it lows in the evenings and weekends. Got me thinking already.

And today I stayed home, honestly just because I couldn't face another day of pretending-to-be-busy-at-work. I just invented an nonexistent flue and here I'm feeling so relieved and happy. Well guess what, I'm not the only one that's happy. My b.g. has been so far 7.2, 6 and 7. I don't know but it makes me wonder.

Is me being unhappy at work influences by b.g. so much? I eat the same, I exercise the same, which is I don't, I take same amount of insulin. And I do know that my emotions play a great part in my diabetes control. So I guess now I'm even more motivated to find a new job.

Did any of you experienced something like that?


MileMasterSarah said...

The four weeks of intense stress-out I had in October and November I averaged around 180 something (around 10.5). Now that I’m evening out emotions-wise I’m averaging 140 something (around 8.2). Makes a huge difference in my life. It makes such a difference that my endo suggested I see a gen. Practitioner to get prescribed an anti-depressant to try and even out my moods. I’m not to that point yet, I think my responses were within normal limits. It does make a difference on your sugars though.

AmyT said...

Hey There,
Welcome to the Diabetes OC! I lived in Amsterdam for 2.5 years myself and loved it.

I'm a relative newbie at 4 yrs with the D. Come see me some time at


nicolep said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts at my blog. I'm glad you're having a good bloodsugar day - for sure, when I'm feeling quiet and content, my bloodsugars tend to follow suit! Unfortunately for me - a stressful job and life make those days more elusive than I'd like... C'est la vie, I guess... I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.
Best, Nicole