Friday, January 12, 2007

Has it started already?

Another year has passed. 2006 is gone, the lovely and live-changing 2006. I gonna miss you. I learned to like you. You were so different and kind and you brought lots of changes to my life, good ones and extremely wonderful ones. Thank you for being such a great year.

Usually on the first days of the year I get this surreal feeling of being in a new unfamiliar place where I've never been before and where I don't know what to expect. It's just an unnoticeable change of a number in the calendar, the matter of just a second when the clock's hand moves just a tiny millimeter and it's a new year. Nothing changes, people are the same, things around are the same but I get this feeling of change, of something very new and unfamiliar in the air. Something very young and still clean with so many opportunities. Excited, with new energy and new ideas and hopes and new determination, eager to get to know the new year, find out what he has under its sleeve - that's the usual feeling on 1st of January.

Usually ... but not this year. Where's that new year energy? Where's that new beginning enthusiasm? Where's the new excitement to test the limits and find new challenges? I feel like an 99 year-old, tired, ignorant and a bit slow. (If any 99 year-olds reading, please don't take offense in the above and congratulations on living for so long). I feel like still dragging in 2006, trying to catch up with a leaving train. The train, that be "2007 Express", somehow managed to depart with my luggage of 2007 resolutions on but leaving me at the station "2006".

Lost luggage: 2007 New Year resolutions - 9 items, total weight = too heavy to lift for an average person:

  1. Get healthier - a huge old yellow suitcase with lots of stamps on it, when you try to roll it it gets stuck all the time on what seems every stone and bump, or even rolls back and falls.

  2. Lower the A1C - a very old squeaky small but very heavy black case with a secret-code lock.

  3. Find a new job, the one I'd really love - a big thick portfolio leaving a trace of pictures and papers falling out.

  4. Write more - a fancy new laptop bag.

  5. Read even more - a very heavy worn brown leather suitcase with a falling off handle.

  6. Spend more time with loved ones - a funny furry pink item with lots of stickers on it, what appears to be a thick photo album.

  7. Visit family more often, meaning more than twice a year - some-time-ago-pink suitcase filled to the top what appears to be various objects of different shapes wrapped in different colors paper with some kind of attempted decorations on top.

  8. At least try to go to the gym or do some kind of sport - a very dusty sport bag, seemed to be lost even before the train.

  9. Find a good hairdresser (a bigger problem than you think) - a very tiny and elegant woman's purse.

    I definitely exceeded the limit of 20kg allowed per person and I know, I know ambitious, but I can't help it. Life is short and all those things are very important to me.


MileMasterSarah said...

I believe that we are the choices we make. We can truly analyze the choices we are making by looking by how we spend our time. Our time is the true money, for it shows most clearly what is important to us. Good luck this year!

Zazzy said...

The hairdresser is a much bigger problem than a lot of people think. So, good luck to you!

Very creative list, by the way.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I like the list. Very great things to be working towards.

I can recommend a hairdresser for you...


Sasha said...

Thank you all :)

Sarah: I totally agree that time is true money, and somehow I'm running short.

Zazzy: Indeed and thanks again.

Scott: Thanks for offering :) but I think it's a bit out of my driving-reaching distance.