Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A For Instance – Yesterday

17.5 – woke up, 6:30 (Dear God! %#^&!!! ... frantically grab the insulin pen, feeling absolutely AWFUL, killing headache and pain all over, vision is so blurry can hardly make out the numbers on the meter, head is anvil heavy and spinning so much I feel like I'm on a Merry-Go-Round, feel poisoned)

11.5 – after correction (far from perfect but getting there)
7 – before breakfast (feeling woozy as bg dropped more than 10 points in just a couple of hours)
5.7 – 2 hours after eating (obviously the correction is still working)
5.3 – before lunch (I really need food – starving!)
4.3 – 2 hours after lunch (did I eat? Snack!)
9 – before dinner
12.7 – 1 hour after dinner (hmmm, suppose to be right, right? as it was just 1 hour)
5.7 – 3 am (just checking)
11.6 – woke up, 6:30 (ok, that’s already better but what the hell???)

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cass said...

what a day. i hate waking up high!!!