Friday, February 9, 2007

A Praise for Lists

I like lists. Correction - I looove lists!!! I love them so much I have lists of lists sometimes. I think lists if not a great organisational tool than at least a wonderful tool to trick yourself that everything is organised and nothing forgotten, so you can peacefully go to sleep at night without frantically making the lists of things to do in your head trying to remember if you missed something. It's a great thing to make your life easier.

Post-its are another amazing invention. Putting small notes around the house or at work - precious, should remember though not to carry away to avoid the Bruce Almighty situation. All in all it gives me a relax feeling to know that I have a precise list of appointments for this week in my diary or a detailed list of clothes to take on a weekend trip, otherwise I'd spend hours on thinking what to wear (girls out there I'm sure can relate) or a grocery list so I won't forget some of the essential ingredients for the dinner in my after-work-tired-brain-stand-by state. So I'm the biggest fan!

Crossing everything off, well, realistically happened once or twice, so I give myself a fair margin to not get stressed when I never manage to cross out all the items. I usually end up transferring the left-overs to the yet another list to give them another chance, and if they are not crossed out again, may be they weren't that important in the first place.

Therefore, I have lots of lists and notebooks full of lists laying around and I thought it might be funny sharing them here on the blog from time to time. But don't worry, I'm not going to bother you with groceries or bills-to-pay lists. This is about all the other lists I like to make at different points of my life, like aliens I'd like to meet, or awards I'd like to win or 100 silly phrases I want to learn in Japanese etc.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I like this list! I'm good at crossing off that first item too!

Carey said...

My wife is a bigtime listmaker.

Hey Sasha, I've been digging around trying to trace my ancestry and I've hit a dead end. Hoping you could help me out. I think my great grandparents came from a town in Russia called Rugasoff or Rugasov. Nothing at all is coming up when I try to search the Internet. It's really frustrating. It's very likely that the name is spelled wrong. Any idea of what town it could be or how I can go about figuring it out? Any help would be much appreciated. My email is,

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I love lists too - once you have made the list, you can totally forget everything you put on it..... Listing is so much more fun than DOING! And as you say it promotes sleeping!

Sasha said...


there is a town called Rogachev, but that is in Belarus not in Russia and unfortunately I couldn't find any sites in English to give you a link. May be you could also search by their last name if you know it? Let me know if I can help anyhow. Good luck!

Carey said...

Thanks very much, Sasha.

Kevin said...

I'm a relative newbie with lists.
I much preferred the days when I could keep the things in my life organized in my head.

Now I keep daily list of things to do on my desk (though I've been slacking on this a bit).

And we have home project lists all over the house. We make the list, promptly lose the list, make a new list, lose it, ad infinitum.